Save Our Steeple

We have been blessed to receive two grants related to our steeple: one through the Resourcing the Local Church Program of the UCC Maine Conference to remove the remaining knob and tube wiring and eliminate the source of water in the basement; and the other (from the Maine Community Foundation Steeple Fund) to do an architectural and engineering assessment regarding the structural integrity of the steeple and underpinnings.
The assessment determined that, in addition to the painting of the steeple and replacement of rotted posts and detail work in the belfry section of the tower, the beam that supports both the steeple and the east side of original church building needs to be replaced.  Years of water and damp have caused substantial rot and subsidence of the both buildings as well as the steeple.
We estimate a minimum of $50,000 to undertake these repairs.  The architectural and engineering assessment, done by Ames and Associates of Bangor, recommends these repairs be done within the next year to two years.  To put the repairs off much longer, not only may increase the costs of the project but could put us at risk of losing the steeple altogether. 

Most sincerely,
Gary Chapman (Chair, Property Committee), Brian Hamlin, Walter Cook, Barbie Shedd, Larry Foss, John Bishop.

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